Cheryl offers creative writing and poetry workshops for adults, students grades 3-12, and teachers. Here are a few of her workshop offerings, any of which can be customized for your event, organization, or school. Contact for more information.

Words for Your Journey

Discover how a simple practice of writing poetry can transform and deepen your relationship with yourself and your world. Each of us has been given the gift of creativity, with infinite possibilities for expression. The activities during this workshop will enable you to quickly tap into your vein of creativity, and write poems that reflect your inner vision in a unique and beautiful way. Your writing will have the power to enlighten, bless, and transform your reader’s experience as well as your own. No writing experience is required. All you need is the willingness to be open and delighted!


Poetry Jar for Students

In this unique poetry writing workshop, students work with a “word jar” to learn poetry concepts, engage with their surroundings, connect with their feelings, and write free-verse poetry.

The workshop can be a single one-hour session or a series of weekly sessions. Each session takes the students on a unique adventure, with themes like “canyon echoes” or “sounds of the sea,” and offers intuitive access to specific poetry concepts.

The workshop combines group activities and quiet creative time to write poetry and respond to the theme and poetry concepts. Each week the students hear the free verse poetry of contemporary voices, including Gary Soto, Kristine O’Connell George, and Valerie Worth. A mini “open-mic” at the end of each session gives students the opportunity to share what they’ve written.

Writing poetry is a life skill, a way of thinking, and a tool for ongoing inner exploration. Although a series of four sessions is recommended, even a single session will change the way you and your students experience poetry. Programs are available for grades 3 through 12. The Poetry Jar workshop is designed and led by Cheryl Racanelli, a poet and writer with an M.A. in creative writing.

Poetry Jar for Teachers

The Poetry Jar for Teachers is a 2 to 4 hour professional development workshop just for teachers, conducted by Cheryl Racanelli. The workshop consists of several children’s Poetry Jar sessions, including he same hands-on activites and creative writing time, so that teachers can expierience poetry as an easily accessible means of expression for both themselves and their students. The goal of the workshop is for teachers to leave with the materials and inspiration needed to share poetry writing with their class.


Contact for more information.